Your Essential Death Preparation Checklist

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Death Preparation Checklist

Getting your final affairs in order is a task everyone has to address sooner or later. This is why estate planning is a $180 billion industry. There are a number of legal and personal decisions that you have to make that affect you and your future generations.

We’re happy to explain some of the actions you need to take before you die. Here are some must-have tips for your death preparation checklist. 

Make Sure Your Will Is in Order

Handle your will last living will and testament as early as possible. This is the document that will lay out your final resting place, who will keep assets that you pass down, and final decisions related to your medical care. 

If you decide on whether having traditional or Asian funerals, you can also pick out urns for ashes and who will take possession of them. The will that you create secures wealth for your future generations and prevents the state from having a say in your decisions. 

Hire an Estate Planning Lawyer

You can always create your own will and handle your estate planning, but it’s best to leave it to legal professionals. An estate planning attorney will assist you with this and will help you avoid mistakes. 

Estate planning attorneys will help you break down and categorize your assets, pull all of your debts, and create rough and final drafts of your will. The attorney will also keep copies of your will on file for safekeeping and to produce it at the time of your death. You may check this out to find an estate planning lawyer.

Name an Executor for the Estate

It’s important that you name an executor for your will and every part of your estate. This is the person that moves things forward and vouches for your wishes and the legitimacy of the will. 

Most people either name their estate lawyer or a trusted family member as an executor. Choose someone that is highly responsible and reliable with such an important task. 

Have Meaningful Relationship Conversations

Business matters aside, make sure that you’re also managing your personal relationships. You don’t want to leave earth with regrets and things left unsaid. Let everyone in your family know what they mean to you, and make yourself available for any conversations they want to have. 

You may also want to speak with a therapist or religious advisor to help you come to your own understanding of life and death. Spend some extra time with your kids and grandkids and make sure that you’re passing on wisdom and stories. 

Get Your Death Preparation in Order

These points are useful when you’re putting together a death preparation checklist. Death is something that is part of life, so try your best to look at it as the natural conclusion that it is. If you are not particularly religious then perhaps you may consider the growing trend of Direct Cremations for your end of life plan.

You will be able to die happy and your family will be glad you took this time and effort to prepare. 

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