Spencer Knows Spring by Tiffancy Obeng

Disclosure: I downloaded “Spencer Knows Spring” from Amazon.com for free. All opinions are 100% my own.

Winter is in full swing here in our part of the world. We were hoping that the groundhog would predict an early spring but no such luck, instead they weatherman has predicted another snowstorm this week-end! Unlike Spencer in the book “Spencer Knows Spring” I haven’t seen any signs of spring outside, I only see a sea of white. Until the kids and I see the signs of spring outside we’ll make our own spring garden inside and dream of warmer days!

Winter Snow

Join Spencer in “Spencer Knows Spring” as he guides us through the signs of spring in this beautifully illustrated picture book. This book is a gentle introduction to young children about the season of spring and the ways we can recognize the signs through the warmer weather, new growth and animal behaviour.

Spencer Knows Spring

I love the “little learning moments” found throughout the book. The author talks about extreme weather like tornadoes, hurricanes and thunderstorms and animals who hibernate. While the book doesn’t go into detail about any of these topics this is a great opportunity to do research together and learn more.

The illustrations are one of my favourite things about the book. They are so bright and colourful. They just make you feel happy, especially now during winter when everything outside is in a blanket of white. Encourage your little one to explore each image; count the birds, identify the colours or name the animals.

The author has chosen to highlight certain words that little ones will enjoy reading along with. Many of them are simple words that your child can read along with, while others are more difficult and help to grow your child’s vocabulary. On a personal note, I don’t care for the font choice as my children find that style of font more difficult to read. I would have preferred something more like Arial but I also think that would take away from the cheerful look and feel of the book.

“Spencer Knows Spring” by Tiffancy Obeng is a wonderful book that teaches your little about the signs of spring. Get social with the author on Amazon, Instagram, Facebook or Website.

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