Maya and the Stage Fright

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My daughter loves to be on stage. This past Christmas she was excited to be in “Santa Goes Green” on stage. The group practised hard and on the night of performance everyone was excited to share their hard work with friends and family. Like Maya in “Maya and the Stage Fright”, my daughter also suffered from a case of stage fright, but she knew that she was ready and the excitement on her face was all that anyone needed to see to know that that is exactly where she was meant to be!

“Maya and the Stage Fright” written by Vicky Weber tells the tale of Maya, a young girl who loves to sing in the choir but when it’s time to step out on stage and odd fear overcomes her. Will she be able to conquer her fear in time to join her friends in the choir on stage?

There is something about being on stage that is wonderful and terrifying all at the same time. This story helps little ones learn techniques to help deal with the fear that is sometimes threatens to stop us from doing what we love. Each technique is something that everyone can do anywhere at any time. I love that she gives each child a chance to practice the technique during the story. Take a few moments to practice with your little one.

The story is beautifully illustrated by “Aleksander Jasinki”. My favourite image is the one where all the children are on stage. I love the diversity of children represented, some have glasses, hearing aids, curly hair, short hair…just like my daughters theatre group.

This is a story that anyone who has ever been on stage can relate to. The author has created a story that shares techniques to help deal with anxiety before preforming. These techniques aren’t just for children going on stage, but something that can be done before a test or anytime that fear threatens to overtake you.

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