What Do You Need to Know About a Montessori High School?

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Around 45% of teenagers say they’re stressed all the time, and the high school they’re going to plays a huge part in this. While some stress is normal for high school life, in some cases, it can be too much.

If you’ve noticed that your high schooler’s not thriving and is failing their classes, then it may not be them to blame. Instead, they just might not be a good fit for regular public schools.

In this case, you’ll want to look into Montessori education.

This article will go over what a Montessori high school is like, what curriculum they teach, and how much it’ll cost.

What’s Montessori High School Like?

First of all, what are Montessori schools? These are educational systems that encourage students to be free and independent. As a result, teachers are there to guide them instead of being authoritative.

Instead of having neat rows of chairs and tables for the kids to sit in, it’s a more open environment. Students typically gather freely in groups all around the classroom and even sit or lie down on the ground.

Most Montessori schools preschools and elementary schools, as they offer huge advantages for your child. But they’re becoming more popular for high schoolers.

It offers a less competitive environment and focuses more on student-led education, which means your child can learn at their own pace. Classroom sizes and classroom furniture are also much smaller, so you can have full confidence knowing your child has personalized attention from the teacher.

What’s the Montessori Curriculum Like?

Instead of emphasizing rote memorization like in traditional classrooms, Montessori schools aim to help students learn about their own limits and explore interesting subjects. This means there are no standardized tests or grades.

Many schools also utilize cross-curricular connections. This allows students to apply the knowledge they’ve learned to the real world.

The curriculum will enable students to not just be independent, but also learn to collaborate with others and manage their time better. All of this will set them up for success should they choose to go on to college after graduating.

How Much Is Montessori Tuition?

The most important thing to know is that Montessori schools aren’t free. They’re not publicly funded, so they rely on funds from tuition.

You should expect Montessori high school to cost between $12,000 to $15,000 per year. The exact amount will depend on where you’re located and which high school you choose.

Enroll Your Child in Montessori High School

If you feel like Montessori high school is a better option for your child, then perhaps it’s time to give this educational system a try.

But first, schedule a tour with your local school to see firsthand what a Montessori classroom is like. It’s important that your teen likes the school they’re going to, so explore this option together and see if it’s a right fit for them.

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