Beware of the Mess Monsters by Hailee Oman

Disclosure: I downloaded “Beware of the Mess Monsters” for free from Amazon.

Growing up I struggled with keeping my bedroom clean and I still have those same struggles now. Just like the girl in “Beware of the Mess Monsters” I think I might have spotted a monster or two hiding in my room!

Beware of the Mess Monsters

“Beware of the Mess Monsters” by Hailee Oman is the story of a little girl who must clean her room before the “Mess Monsters” claim it for their own. Little ones will be inspired to clean their rooms after reading this book.

The illustrations are colourful and help to tell the story. The illustrations perfectly show how chaotic a messy room looks and feels. The images made me feel a wide range of emotions. The messy room images made me feel stressed while there was a feeling of ease with the images of the clean room. Take a few moments to talk to your children how their messy room affect them (or not).

Children are encouraged to look for the “Mess Monsters” throughout the book. We didn’t find them on every page, but we had fun exploring the book looking for them.

The story is told in rhyme with a small amount of text on each page which prevents young readers from getting overwhelmed. I like that the text is on solid colours which makes it easy to read amid the mess of her room. There are some more difficult words in the book like “disappear” and “therefore” which help young readers develop their vocabulary.

“Beware of the Mess Monsters” is a story that will encourage little ones to keep their room clean or risk have the “Mess Monsters” move in!

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