The Wolkje Hat PDF Sewing Pattern

Disclosure: I purchased the “The Wolkje Hat PDF Sewing Pattern, Sized Baby-Adult” on

Finding the perfect summer hat is a challenge. This year we decided to make our own using the “The Wolkje Hat PDF” found on

 Wolkje Hat Front View

The Wolkje Hat Pattern by Eli Monster is a reversible wide brimmed summer hat pattern that comes in a variety of sizes from infant to adult.

The pattern is layered so you can choose to print only the size you need. I wasn’t able to use this feature, I’m assuming because I was using the wrong software so I printed it all. Each size is clearly outlined in a different colour allowing you to easily see which size you are working with. When you print out your pattern be sure to print at 100% and ensure that you test square is the correct size. It is very easy to tape together using the guides.

Each pattern piece is clearly labelled with the pattern piece name and the number of cuts you need to make. The instructions are very clear with images to help guide you through each step. The included sizing chart is helpful in selecting the correct size to make.

Wolkje Hat Unicorn

The crown of the hat is in 7 pieces. Initially I was put off by the large number of pieces but I came to like the idea as I was able to fussy cut some pieces to make sure my daughters favourite unicorns ended up on her hat! She is excited to be able to use some of her favourite scrap pieces to make a multicoloured hat in the future.

Wolkje Hat Striped

We chose two different fabrics for our hat – a heavy curtain cotton and a quilting cotton. My daughter was excited to up-cycle her old bedroom curtains into her new favourite hat! Our brim is quite floppy as we chose not to use the interfacing. In the next hat we will be sure to help keep the hat from falling in from of her eyes.

Overall this is a great pattern, and I look forward to making another hat in the future.

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