Breaking Glass by J. Abram Barneck – Book Review

“Breaking Glass” is the second book in the “Trinity of Mind Series”. The story continues with the story of Jake, Alexis and Kendra, three teens are forever connected through the Trinity of Mind.

The Trinity of Mind could lead to the trio’s downfall unless they learn how to control their thoughts and emotions. Jake learns more about what it means to be a protector when the mysterious Skull Shadows attack those closest to him. Druids are being hunted by voodoo witches called caplatas and kidnap Kendra trapping her spirit in a jar. Jake and Alexis must work together with their friends, Luiz and Eldra to try to break the caplatas curse before they lose Kendra forever. A being older than the world itself gives Jake a task that could cost him and his friends everything. Will everyone survive?

The book is action-packed and introduces many new characters. I did find it slightly difficult to keep track of all the characters but enjoyed the world that the author is creating. Each character has their own unique identity and is going through a period of self-discovery.

There is an underlying theme of a sensitive nature that may be triggering for some people. I would recommend this book for mature readers.

If you like books with lots of battles, vampires and mystery then the “Trinity of the Mind” series is for you.

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