My Very Punny Dad – Book Review

Disclosure: I downloaded this book for free from Amazon.

My children love word games, we will often play them in the car on the way to school. My son especially loves to tell “dad jokes” and the book “My Very Punny Dad” is exactly his type of humour.

“My Very Punny Dad” tells the tale of a girl and her father who is continually telling puns. Can there be too much of a good thing?

The story is told through rhyme and is easy to read out loud. Kids will enjoy sharing the puns with their friends and family.

I really like how the author has defined what a pun is at the beginning of the book. This helps children understand what a pun is before they read the story and makes it easier for them to find the puns as they read along. I also like how the author has put the “punny” words in bold, which makes them stand out for young readers.

The illustrations are wonderful. They are full of whimsy and you can clearly see the emotions of each character throughout the story.

I love how when the little girl asked her Dad to stop telling the jokes, he did…No questions asked. When we find something funny it’s hard to imagine that others around us don’t feel the same way. The story offers a fantastic opportunity to discuss when it may be appropriate or inappropriate to tell jokes.

“My Very Punny Dad” is a silly book that will have children coming up with their own puns and you laughing (or groaning) just like the family in the story.

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